Parrotia persica Vanessa - Persian Ironwood
Botanical Name: Parrotia persica "Vanessa"
Plant Type: Tree
Origin: Endemic to the Northern Iran
Approximate Height: 6 - 9m (20-30ft)
Approximate Spread: 6 - 9m (20-30ft)
Foliage: Green in Spring - yellow, red, orange in Autumn
Flowering Period: January - February
Flower Colour: Red
Positioning: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Soil Conditions: Will tolerate most soil types
Hardiness: Hardy
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This tree is gorgeous specimen that is slimmer growing than the common Parrotia. It has green leaves that are oval in shape that prom mid August until late October gradually change colour to beautiful flame like autumn colour. This tree also flowers with unusual red witch hazel like flowers in January/February