Acer davidii Serpentine - Snake Bark Maple
Botanical Name: Acer davidii "Serpentine"
Plant Type: Tree
Origin: Japan
Approximate Height: 7 - 8m (21-25ft)
Approximate Spread: 4 - 6m (12-18ft)
Foliage: Green with awesome Autumnal colours
Flowering Period: Spring
Bark Colour: Unique stripped bark, very striking!
Positioning: Most locations, avoid windy sites
Soil Conditions: Moist, rich soil, not wet area's
Hardiness: Very Hardy
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The intricate silver lines on the bark of Acer davidii 'Serpentine' gradually snake around the trunk as it grows creating a ghostly effect which makes this small tree a fascinating addition to a winter garden. The leaves are dark green and noticeably more narrow then those of a species Acer davidii.